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Schulz Family Photo

About Us

Barley Stacks Wines is the first commercial vineyard and winery to be established on the traditional barley belt of the Yorke Peninsula, South Australia.

Owned and operated by the Schulz family, the vision of the winery and vineyard was to transform the rich grey loam over limestone soil sloping paddocks into a vineyard, producing premium grapes. The Schulz family has a high level of determination; passion and commitment to ensuring only premium wines are produced.

The rich grey soil over limestone, warm maritime climate, increased row spacing, heavy mulching, bird net protection, hand pruning and careful picking all contribute to the production of premium quality fruit which offer fullness of flavour and varietal fruit characteristic.

Named after an area of land adjourning the vineyard that was used to store bagged grain in large stacks, the grain was transported to local ports including Ardrossan and Wallaroo.

In previous times at the Port of Port Victoria, grain was loaded onto sailing ships that carried the grain to all parts of the globe. Port Victoria was often visited by large ‘Windjammer’ sailing ships, and for many years has hosted the ‘Cape Horner’s Association’, a group of people who sailed these great ships.